In the framework of the ITS4Climate initiative, ATEC-ITS and TOPOS, in collaboration with Nova Booster, have launched a call for ideas in order to:

  • Develop metrics, measurement means for quantifying the potential of one or more ITS solutions to help reduce emissions and control climate change
  • Propose simulation tools to anticipate environmental benefits expected from the deployment of ITS solutions in a given territory.

This call for ideas, answers the following questions: How innovative space technologies (Earth observation, location, telecommunications), in symbiosis with any other in-situ data, could be used to identify, measure and monitor the environmental benefits of one or more intelligent transport systems, on the basis of a large scale approach? How these technologies could be used to simulate the actual impact of ITS deployments?

The 4 following propositions have been selected and will be showed during the COP22 on the French Pavilion, during the “transport day” :

  • City quality & comfort modelling and smart parking system, by QUCIT
  • Digital modelling of the infrastructure projects impacts on air quality, by KERMAP
  • High-definition urban meteorology, by ATMOSKY
  • Using satellite imagery for emission estimation, by GREEN SURVEYS

For more information, Please see attached document