AseanClimate change has no borders. Last month, the world’s second-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, the US, withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement.
It now becomes even more relevant for the rest of the world to accelerate their efforts towards climate change mitigation and adaptation. India has taken the lead by firming up its stance to follow a low-carbon growth trajectory to fulfil the aspirations of its growing economy.
The Business and Climate Summit (BCS)has been launched in Paris in 2015, and held in London next in 2016. The summit brought together businesses, investors and policymakers to mobilise the business community in support of climate action ahead of the UN climate negotiations and emphasise swifter government action on policies.
The third BCS to be held on August 31-September 1 in New Delhi will bring this discourse to Asia for the first time in the run up to UNFCCC COP 23. The discourse will focus on key areas relevant not only to businesses around the globe, but also will be contextual for the developing world, dealing with topics ranging from urban mobility, buildings and spatial planning, clean energy, circular economy, climate finance, markets for waste, to innovative business models for mitigation, and role of carbon markets.