mobiliseyourcityMobiliseYourCity is a global climate initiative for integrated urban development planning in emerging and developing countries. The initiative supports and engages local and national partner governments in improving urban mobility by providing a methodological framework and technical assistance, through capacity building, and by enabling access to funding at both local and national levels.
Particular attention has been paid to the methodological and advisory frameworks related to National Urban Mobility Policies and/or Programs (NUMPs) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) for more inclusive, more liveable, economically efficient and climate-friendly mobility in cities, as the bases upon which funding should be sought to develop infrastructure.
The objectives:
– Enable transformational changes towards more inclusive, livable, and efficient cities.
– Foster more comprehensive, integrated and participatory urban mobility planning (local & national levels).
– Target reduction of transport-related GHG emissions in participating cities (>50%).