The Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) enable users and stakeholders  to make well informed and responsable choices on mobility. The ITS also improve intermodal transport. The ITS can improve traffic and infrastructure management, hence reduce congestion. The ITS can provide tools for a more effective monitoring of environmental performances of vehicles, fleets, supply chains, networks.

The ITS can support climate change actions and policies.

ITS4C (Intelligent Transport Systems for Climate) is an initiative that seeks to mobilize actors of transport and mobility to promote the applications of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) whose the effect will produce a positive impact on climate change. ITS4C was already an initiative set up in the context of the COP21. It continues in the context of the COP22 and beyond.

Generally, ITS4C aims to promote and encourage the use of ITS for cities in emerging countries, and showcase French expertise and solutions which are in advance on those of most developed countries.